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Whiskey and Aspirin http://www.whiskeyandaspirin.com Design Blog, Notes, and Portfolio of Tyler Cole Sun, 14 Mar 2010 20:25:38 +0000 http://backend.userland.com/rss092 en The Funniest Words on the Web Everybody knows that websites ranking first on Google for popular search terms get a lot of referrals, but how many referrals are "a lot"? Does the first search result drive significantly more traffic than results two through five? Last August that question got a lot easier to answer when America ... http://www.whiskeyandaspirin.com/?p=12 Anatomy of a Website In July 2005 I wrote a blog post called Make Money with the Internet in which I posited three rules for building a revenue-generating website. I ended the post by claiming I had a few ideas for such a website and promised that I would update this blog with a ... http://www.whiskeyandaspirin.com/?p=11 From Author to Reader to User Last weekend I finished several fixes and additions to this website, and now, with the exception of the Notes section, Whiskey and Aspirin is complete. The Notes section will feature a searchable database of design-related quotes, so today I began reading Build Your Own Database Driven Website Using PHP & ... http://www.whiskeyandaspirin.com/?p=10 Celebrity Sightings Week Why write about celebrity sightings on a design blog? I have a reason, but really it’s just an excuse, and there’s no excuse for the bad taste that follows. That said, given that celebrities are searched on Google in disturbingly frequent numbers, this post is partly an exercise in search ... http://www.whiskeyandaspirin.com/?p=9 Website Copy Optimization If you've reached this post by searching Google or Yahoo for tips on optimizing website copy for search engines, then the steps I'm about to present for writing search engine friendly copy must work. If, however, you reached this post some other way, that probably means you're a friend or ... http://www.whiskeyandaspirin.com/?p=8 Weird Typography Growing up, I thought a lot of dumb things. I never really believed, for example, that people actually lived in Brooklyn—to me the borough and its off-kilter residents seemed as made up as Riverdale and an adolescent garage-band called the Archies. Now that I actually call Brooklyn home, however, nothing ... http://www.whiskeyandaspirin.com/?p=4 Make Money with the Internet I should start this post with the disclaimer that since I make little money off this or any other website, the advice that follows is nothing more than my own dreamy conjectures. That said, if you intend to generate website revenue, you could probably do a lot worse than considering ... http://www.whiskeyandaspirin.com/?p=6 Some Practical Writing Advice I’m currently working at a writing desk in front of a mirror and just realized that for the past half hour I’ve been giving myself the eye. This, needless to say, has added nothing to my productivity, and were I not in a hotel room with the furniture screwed firmly ... http://www.whiskeyandaspirin.com/?p=3