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Celebrity Sightings Week

November 2, 2005 | Stars I’ve Spotted in New York

Why write about celebrity sightings on a design blog? I have a reason, but really it’s just an excuse, and there’s no excuse for the bad taste that follows. That said, given that celebrities are searched on Google in disturbingly frequent numbers, this post is partly an exercise in search engine optimization and hence the somewhat inaccurate but search engine friendly title, “Celebrity Sightings Week.” What follows then is a list of stars I’ve spotted in my years and weeks in New York.

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick: I spotted the couple with their kids in the Times Square subway station. He was wearing a floppy hat and she had celebrity hair. Really, I've never seen a head of hair like that on a normal person.

Claire Danes: I saw her chasing her dog on Spring Street. She caught the dog.

Shannon Doherty: I’m actually a little unsure about this one, but the woman in question certainly looked pissed-off enough to be Shannon Doherty. Whoever it was, she and several beefy guys were struggling to catch a cab on Spring and Lafayette. Continue reading Celebrity Sightings Week.

Some Practical Writing Advice

May 10, 2005 | Thoughts on Where and Where Not to Write

I’m currently working at a writing desk in front of a mirror and just realized that for the past half hour I’ve been giving myself the eye. This, needless to say, has added nothing to my productivity, and were I not in a hotel room with the furniture screwed firmly in place, I would remove the mirror and face the glass firmly against the wall. Anyway, don’t write in front of a mirror. I, for one, am too easily distracted by the sight of myself sipping tea. Continue reading Some Practical Writing Advice.

Miscellaneous Blog Archive